Logon Instructions for Dealership Personnel

The Web Security Logon screen lets users access Mazda web-based applications using individual ID's and passwords.

The first time you log on:

  1. Enter your WSL User ID in the Username field.*

  2. Enter your default password in the Password field.*

    Note: Your default password must be entered with lowercase letters (e.g. ab1234).

  3. Click the Logon button. You will be prompted to enter a new password.

The next time you log on:

Enter your WSL User ID and the password you specified, then click the Login button.

Important: You must type your password exactly as you entered it originally. Passwords are case sensitive.

* If you do not know your user ID or password or if you need help logging on:

If you have not received your WSL User ID and default password, contact the WSL Security Administrator (usually the Office Manager) at your dealership to obtain this information. If you forget your password, the WSL Security Administrator can reset your password to the default. You will be prompted to enter a new password the next time you log on.

If you need your password reset and your dealership's WSL Security Administrator is not available, or if you experience technical problems with WSL, please call the Mazda Systems Help Center at (800) 421-6507, Monday - Friday 5 AM to 5PM Pacific Time.

Note: Help Center assistance for WSL is limited to password resets and providing general information. Only WSL Security Administrators at the dealership can grant access to additional applications.